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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Increased interaction with smartphones and rising adoption of social media and the internet has affected sales and marketing strategies across industries. While the demand for consumer packaged goods is increasing, companies face the need to revamp their sales and marketing strategies. Increasing spend on digital advertising efforts and staying updated on ever-changing consumer needs and demands are crucial. Infiniti Research helps CPG companies understand their consumers’ needs and preferences, and in turn, helps develop appropriate sales and marketing strategies for the dynamic market.

To leverage Infiniti’s expertise in developing sales and marketing strategies, and meet the changing expectations of target customer segments, request a free proposal.

“The rising adoption of smartphones is necessitating CPG brands to revamp their traditional sales and marketing techniques and increase their spend on digital advertising efforts to stay updated on the ever-changing customer needs and demands,” says a CPG industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a CPG company based out of the United States, sought to revamp their traditional sales and marketing strategy and increase their spend on digital advertising efforts to keep up with leading CPG brands. However, the company lacked the expertise and support necessary to build and devise an efficient sales and marketing strategy. Therefore, the US CPG company approached Infiniti Research to develop the appropriate sales and marketing strategy. During the four-week engagement, the client also sought to identify platforms used by their customer segments, reduce marketing spend, cater to customer needs, and formulate a targeted approach.

Our Approach:

To assist the US CPG company, Infiniti’s experts developed a comprehensive approach that included the following:

  • Customer intelligence study to help improve customer retention and acquisition strategy by understanding customers’ preferences and satisfaction levels
  • Customer segmentation analysis to segment the target customers into groups based on buying behavior, spending patterns, age, and value for the brand
  • Market scanning and monitoring analysis to understand the right marketing channels
  • Customer needs assessment to analyze the needs and requirements of their customers, as well as the current satisfaction level regarding the client’s product and service offerings

Business Outcome:

Infiniti’s sales and marketing strategy engagement enabled the US CPG company to formulate an efficient sales and marketing strategy and developed multi-channel marketing campaigns. Consequently, the client was able to enhance sales and align their strategy to the expectations of their customer segments. Further, the client curtailed their marketing spend and reach a large pool of prospective customers.

By leveraging Infiniti’s sales and marketing strategy engagement, the US CPG company:

  • Enhanced their product offerings and customer service by understanding customers’ needs
  • Ensured better satisfaction levels and improved sales
  • Acquired new customers and enhanced customer retention rate by 17%

Speak to industry experts to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how our sales and marketing strategy engagement helps US CPG companies keep up with top players in the highly competitive and growing CPG industry.

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