Most Suitable Credit Cards For Students

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Credit cards are an absolute necessity for no matter in which domain of work you are. However, for students the need for a credit card amplifies if they need to travel out of the city or country in pursuit of knowledge.

As most of the credit cards require a decent credit score, it is quite rare that students have that kind of the credit score which allows them to apply for a normal credit card. If you ever need to payonlineticket then here is the way to go. 

In such a case, what are the options left for students if they want a credit card but have little or no credit score?

We have answered this concern after reviewing, literally, hundreds of credit card options and interviewing several students.  I think if u want instant cash then Myzaxbysvisit is the best option. So, the credit cards we came up are the best options any student can have if he wants one.

Travel Rewards Credit Card For Students

This credit card from Bank of America is our top choice due to several factors. The most attractive feature of this card is that you’ll get 1.5 bonus reward points for every $1 you’ll spend.

Yes you heard me right! You are going to earn easy reward points and later on redeem these points for flights, hotels, cruises, rental cars, and many other travel related expenditures.

Moreover, there is no annual, as well as foreign transaction fee which makes this card an attractive option for students. Additionally, 0% APR for the first whole year is another plus in this card.

Cash Rewards For Students Credit Card: 

This card from Bank of America secured 2nd place in our list of best credit cards for students primarily because of the high reward earning rate this card has approximately.

The card offers a 3% cash back in any category which you choose, whereas a 2% cash back in groceries and 1% chas back on all other purchases. Moreover, on the first $2500 you spend, you’ll get 3% cash back in all categories each quarter.

Although the card has $0 annual fee, but it does have a foreign transaction fee of 3% or $10, which ever is higher. Additionally, 0% APR for the first year and then 13.99% to 23.99% variable APR is also an attractive feature of the card.

Student Cash Back Credit Card

This card is from Discover it and literally anyone can apply for this card because of its ultra-low credit score requirement. That’s not it, because theirs is another very attractive feature of this card.

You can earn 5% cash back on categories that are rotated quarterly, in addition to 1% cash back on every other kind of the purchases. Furthermore, this card offers 0% APR for first 6 months and after that a variable APR of around 17.99% is applied.

Moreover, this card doesn’t have any annual fee or even foreign transaction fee associated with this card.

Last but definitely not the least, this card offers an extra 25% cash back if you maintain your grade-point average greater than 3. Now that is something truly targeting the students.

Journey Student Rewards Credit Card

This card from the Capital One is also for everyone because of its low requirement of the credit score. Although this card doesn’t have any annual fee or foreign transaction fee, this card does have a high APR of 26.99%.

A unique feature of this card is that you can access all financial learning resources from the Capital One so that you can gain financial literacy. Moreover, you can monitor your credit score freely which is very important for improving the credit score.

Furthermore, this card offers 1% cash back on all kinds of purchases with an additional 0.25% cash back bonus on the earned cash back if you pay on time.

Final Words

The four credit cards which we introduced in this article are the best one any student can find. All of these cards require low credit score and are best for the students.

You can choose any of these cards that suits your condition and start using your first credit card.

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