Pro bono help for Sonoma County parks part of the job for Green Valley Consulting Engineers

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One of the most remarkable benefits that Green Valley Consulting Engineers provides to the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation are pro bono marketing services. That includes designing fundraising appeals, fliers, brochures and other materials that help the parks foundation raise money for key parks projects.

What three events or activities would you like to highlight as examples of ways your company or you have helped or continue to help make things better in the North Bay?

  • Pro-Bono work and contributions to Sonoma County Regional Parks
  • 20-30 Club’s Red White and Boom Fireworks
  • Annual creek clean up day

What ways does your organization help support the idea of helping others?

We encourage employees to select a charity or group “in need” every year that we then support and we give to multiple non-profits that align with our company mission and our employees’ interests.

How is the idea of helping others or working to solve community issues incorporated your personal life or in the company’s culture?

Our company is in the business of solving community problems and challenges as a civil engineering and construction firm and thus our people are always thinking of ways to improve where we live and work

What inspires you or your employees or both about the North Bay as it relates to the spirit of helping others?

By helping our neighbors and those in need we help ourselves! We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and are surrounded by so many caring and philanthropic minded individuals and firms in Sonoma County that inspire and challenge us here at Green Valley to keep doing better as well.

How does your company’s philanthropy work spill over into your personal life?

I regularly hike the City and Regional Parks that our firm sponsors to enjoy the beauty of the region and this in turn inspires the planting of gardens whenever possible to allow the sharing of flowers and produce to those we partner with who are helping others in the community. It is sort of a “full circle” of giving back in terms of nature and beauty.

Describe why you do what you do in the community in six words.

To share the magnitude of nature

Why I am inspired by helping others.

Green Valley employee: Being able to see the direct results of my giving of time and (money) with the help of my employer in the smile of a child receiving new school clothes or seeing how a pack of dogs splashing in the lagoon on Water Bark day that we sponsor brings such joy and happiness to the people participating wants me to try even harder to make the world a happier place for my family and neighbors.

How has this group has helped a cause?

Liz Ellis: I have met people who have a passion for their pets during the annual Water Bark event that Green Valley sponsors that I never thought ad this compassion/empathy or caring in them – it truly has made me open my eyes and look beyond initial appearances!

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