Run Your Business More Efficiently with Taskolly Project Management Software

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The COVID-19 pandemic has done extraordinary damage to the global economy, but nobody has been hit harder than small businesses. For those businesses, now is the time to be as lean as possible. But that’s often easier said than done. How do you stay on task and still complete the work you need to when you have fewer resources available? One solution is to have extremely robust project management.

You don’t have to hire project managers to keep your company on time and on task. Taskolly Project Manager can do much of the heavy lifting for you.

Taskolly is a flexible, intuitive, visual way to manage your projects and organize your business. It helps align your entire team to stay on task and be as productive as possible. You can plan projects of any scale using powerful planning and scheduling features that are imbued with collaboration tools.

At the start of a project, you can set a budget and create milestones that will guide your tracking going forward. When you have a project set up, you will be able to set priorities and deadlines for everyone and track individual tasks through every step of the process. Each individual can create their own workspace or can use a unified, shared workspace to track all projects at the same time.

As you progress through projects, the task board allows you to assign tasks to individual users, add comments to tasks, create sub-tasks within larger tasks, and much more to facilitate collaboration. There’s even support for Kanban boards to manage progress.

Taskolly has project management solutions for companies of all sizes. A Pro Plan supports up to five users and five workspaces and is on sale for $39. A Business Plan supports up to 10 users and unlimited workspaces and is on sale for $59. Finally, an Enterprise Plan supports unlimited users and unlimited workspaces and is on sale for $149.

Run Your Business More Efficiently with Taskolly Project Management Software
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